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The Clark Relationship Science Laboratory, directed by Dr. Margaret S. Clark, conducts research on how romantic relationships and friendships unfold over time and the reciprocal influences between such relationships and cognition, emotion, behavior, and personality. 

Recent research in the Clark Relationship Science Laboratory has investigated how expressing negative emotions can promote relationships, how optimal relationship-maintenance behaviors change over the course of a relationship, and how differences in motivation to experience discrete positive emotions may give rise to different adult attachment styles.


December 16, 2016
We have just published a a series of studies in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showing that people (incorrectly) believe that they observe others more than...
December 16, 2016
In two recent studies just published in the journal Emotion we examined what drives our perceptions of our partners’ recently experienced emotions. We asked each member of...
October 1, 2014
Merely engaging in the same experience at the same time as another person, without communicating, amplifies that experience. When shared with someone else, good experiences...